AistĖ BakutytĖ


Su gimimo diena! Mano vardas Bolbus Computeris, from Bolbus Industries, and I am the manager of your new web domains. I have heard that you recently wanted somewhere to put your excellent writing, and I've been tasked with helping you with this. While I'm not skilled in website design, I can certainly help you with a more professional and official looking URL.

Once you have designed your website and hosted it somewhere, whether that's on GitHub, Wordpress or otherwise, you will often be left with a less than ideal URL, that doesn't look like normal URLs. e.g. vs Sometimes you can pay the service with which you created the website to make it more preferable, but it's cheaper and more customisable to have your own one. 

All that is required is registering the domain you wish to use, and then 'pointing' it to the existing URL of your website. This would mean that when a user enters your new website URL, the domain is looked up in the DNS, a big database of domains and where they are hosted, and they are directed to your website. 

Your new domains are:

For the time being, these are both pointed at this page.

I was informed by the person who sorted out the two domains for you, Bothlaptis, that he thought the first domain was very cool because it is just your name, correct with the 'ė' character, and quite short and unique. However he then told me that for practicality purposes, it may be more useful to have another domain that is formed only of the 26 main English characters. We do both hope you enjoy using your new domains!

Next steps

These domains have already been secured for you, and are currently being held by Dr. Johnny Johnson. That is not him in the photo, that is Vasko, who works on our community outreach team. Anyway, just contact Dr. Johnson directly, and he should be able to transfer ownership of them to you, as well as help you with any setup it might take to start hosting your content on them.

Everyone here at Bolbus Industries would like to wish you a very happy birthday, and we hope you enjoy your new domains. Ate!